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Large format floor and wall tiles can be difficult to install with perfectly aligned joints and no lippage.

This is due to the slump of the adhesive bed due to the weight of the tile being installed.

A low cost, practical and functional system solves these issues.


1.            A great tile project starts with a smooth, clean, solid and level surface. Laying this ground work may be your most important step.

2.            Prepare the adhesive according to the manufacturer’s guidance.

3.            Apply the adhesive in the floor with the flat side of the trowel.

4.            Pass the trowel toothed face down forming ridges. (Pie: notched trowel 8mm)

5.            Remove the excess of thin adhesive set mortar on the edge and place the levelling tabs into position. (Pie” joints bigger than 2mm also use crosspieces)

6.            Apply the adhesive to the back of the tile with the flat side of the trowel.

7.            Pass the trowel toothed side down forming ridges.

8.            Remove the excess of the adhesive on the edges and put the tabs levelling. (Character: joints bigger than 2mm also use crosspieces)

9.            To apply the large format tiles on the floor, it may be necessary the use of suction cups with two people to move the piece.

10.          Apply the tiles slightly out of position to cross the adhesive ridges. Upon reaching the final position release the suction cups.

11.          Tap with a rubber hammer to the fullest extent of the piece to knead the adhesive, avoiding the accumulation of air.

12.          Fit the wedges in the levelling spacer and apply pressure with the tensioning plier.

13.          This action will ensure that the area is perfectly level, with no gaps between the tiles and zero lippage.

14.          Repeat the process until installation is complete.

15.          Protect the tiles with a canvas or soft board and wait 72 hours before commencing with the grouting.

16.          After 72 hours, remove the levelling wedges with a rubber mallet and complete the grouting.

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